Monday, January 30, 2012

Two Trips & One Bag

Today (and yesterday), I shopped it up at Aldo Shoes. Two days of shopping included some serious browsing, selection vetoes and an exchange. The very upbeat staff at this particular store was led by uber manager Tyler who helped me in making my very choice choice. His entire crew was welcoming from the get despite the never ending barrage of customers looking for the latest and greatest accessories. With about five people on the floor and one steadfastly attending to the register, this place functioned as smooth as silk. In all honesty, I had chosen a much blingier bag that was not the right fit for me in my current state. See, I am in the midst of planning quite a long trip and this bag is ideal for my adventure. I explained my tentative plans with Tyler and he directed me to the messenger bags which he stated, "Would be absolutely what you need while traveling.". How right was he? He knows his shoppers, listens to them and was able to truly assist in my styling. This is customer service at its best and the kind that we should all hope to get while we are out spending our hard earned cash. 
This amazing Bullock cross-body bag ($150normally but on super sale right now) is made of leather featuring brass accessories that make this a great anytime bag.With divided spaces and an extra-long over the shoulder strap, this supple leather bag is a smart addition to any wardrobe. You should always buy what you need especially when you are prepping for travel and to say that I needed this is an understatment. You have to pack light and efficiently so shopping smart is essential to planning the best trip possible.With 3 children in tow, I needed a bag that would store everything from Chanel lip glass to children's snack packs and I found it folks, at Aldo. This was really my first time shopping at this very fast paced and fashionable store. They have shoes & accessories for men and women that are styled straight from the runway without the ungodly price tag. I love to shop around at most any store and am so glad that I landed at Aldo under the direction of my hipper sister. I found exactly what I needed, even if it did take two trips. I am serious when it comes to this shopping business and advocate getting exactly what you want on each trip. That may mean walking out of a store with nothing or exchanging that impulse buy with something a bit more practical. Don't lower your standards or get off the path while shopping. Know what you want and if you change your mind, have no fear in going back to return or exchange an item. (Save those receipts!) Happy Shopping.

Thanks to Tyler and the entire staff at Aldo of N.S.M. You made my first experience at Aldo memorable and I got exactly what I wanted...with a bit of help from you all.