Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shopping + Samples

No cosmetic shopping experience is better enjoyed without the little gift of luxury samples. When you go shopping for those miracle ingredients that claim that they are going to do the trick this time, you come across all brands that offer up full lines of facial care that are aimed at your specific skin type. Words like t-zone and toner are the topic of conversation between you and the skin experts at the counter who truly want you to find a product that works. They also want you purchase the entire skin care line to be most beneficial to both your skin and them. It's a win win situation especially if all works out well for your beautiful face. Fair enough I say but buy smart, don't given into shopping pressure but do let them tempt you with samples. They are there for companies to make you aware of the next product in their line that again, is for your skin type. Here is the little bundle of joy from my last shopping venture. Khiel's Toner, Chanel (that's the mystery whip pictured in the back), and Dermalogica Pre-Cleanser are amongst my winners. They have lasted a while so stay tuned for the details on my latest choices. In the meantime, snag some samples on your next outing. The rep should offer them up but simply asking will do too. It's like shopping with  benefits.