Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Proper Tea with Purpose

My weekend was kicked off by a very smart tea in honor of Fair Trade practices for fine coffees and teas. The party was hosted by a very fabulous socialite and attended by ladies who lunch, their children and open wallets eager to give back. This was a small social gathering which was highlighted by the wholesale offerings from a prominent boutique. There were heaps of fair trade coffee and handmade jewelry sold at bargain prices and people were shopping all over. I love events like these. There were custom teas, coffees & fluffies being prepped in record time.  The atmosphere was intimate, the food light yet delectable and the deals were to be had on high quality items. The history of the merchandise is that most of them are custom pieces designed by the owner herself through fair trade practices in India. Using only the best materials in each design, the pieces pretty much sold themselves. 

Tip: Shopping for versatile pieces will allow you to stretch your purchasing power and broaden your wardrobe. As seen below, my ring can go out or stay in to be casual.

My ring on date night
My ring going casual

I purchased this chic and modern ring to pair with these classic pearl earrings. Real silver and freshwater pearl were the characteristics that drew me to their bold designs.  This proper tea just so happened to be a perfectly timed event as I was heading out for date night the next day. It turned out to be a shopping event with purpose and timing. These are the best kind. It is not too common that you to come across such amazingly ethical pieces to purchase and in such an inviting setting. From the creme de la creme coffees to the stylish silver I was very happy to be a part of it all knowing that I was making sound shopping choices. I've always liked to know where my things came from because all of our history matters. Trying to be socially aware is good for everyone and really just makes you feel good to do the right thing. I honestly don't know where all of my belongings come from but when given the opportunity to invest in eco-luxuries, a girl who loves to shop for the good stuff cannot say no.

Thanks to the very social hostess who whipped up a tasteful tea as fast as she did lattes. You made giving back very chic. To give is to love, my new friend.