Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Creamy Little Luxury

I had to do a quick post about a luxury little shopping find. Now that I am writing as best I can on behalf of both of the hemispheres of the world, this is a perfect choice for all seasons. It is Rose Petal Luxury Hand Cream.
As the US warms up and NZ cools down, lotions and creams cannot be overstated because Mother Nature is working her climatic magic. Our skin,well... not so magical so help is necessary. Despite where you are on this beautiful planet, there is one thing that remains constant. That is the care of your skin. Whether it be from the hot summer sun to chilling winter winds, moisture is important and creams and lotions seem to lock it in like nothing else.

How cool is this lid? Classic packaging.

Now I am always out for Eco Luxurious products and rant and rave about their supremely high quality levels so this time is no different. It is a bit of Eco luxury in a fanciful tube. Made from 20 % Shea Butter, this cream is free from parabens, mineral oil and artificial colors. Pure and simple, people. It also has avocado oil that provides an extra layer of moisture. It is no secret that Roses are my favorite flowers and this cream has it along with rose hips and orange oils that soothe and heal the skin, nails and cuticles. I use it all of the time and because my skin is always as dry as a bone, I carry it along with me wherever I go. The cool, metal artisans packaging is easy to find in my black hole of a purse. The smell is truly magnificent but light and not overpowering at all. It's all natural and all good. I shopped for my creamy little treasure at a local boutique but luckily, you can shop for it online. Find some, buy it and use generously all year long.