Friday, July 6, 2012

What I am Seeing Around (my new) Town: International Black

I have long enough neglected this little aspect of my blog but since travelling across the world, I didn't really stop to take in all the fashion that abounded around me. Well, I am very happy to announce that black is just as fabulous and chic here as it was there. It is no secret that black is my favourite colour to shop for and the mainstay of my wardrobe is black. It's simple and goes with everything so why not love it's amazing versatility? This black top was spotted at a recent tea & shopping event I attended. The black satin flowers are dark, decadent & divine and with adjectives like that, it has the ability to work for both day or night. That is a shopping double dip. I say buy black for any season though many fashion blogs and magazines would disagree with me. I love it so much that I could never devote a season to abandoning it. This island has a bit of history with the color black and so do I.
 Think I'll fit in just fine.