Saturday, September 8, 2012

All Seasons Beauty Picks

With Fashion Week in full swing, do you ever wonder how they all do it? From stylists and designers to media and celebrities, everyone looks so fabulous. Yes they have a team of stylist who can transform them and make their looks seem effortless but what about the day to day beauty? There are some tried and true things that you must do in order to keep up appearances. And let's face it, when we look good, we feel good. 

Here are some eternal beauty products to shop for that will help you achieve that catwalk look or atleast piece of mind. These are the secret weapons that will help to keep you beautiful all year long. Yes it is good to shop for fresh products every season, but shop smart this new season for products that will create eternal beauty for years to come.

 1. Buffing Grains
I cannot stress enough the importance of exfoliation and making it my #1 pick should reiterate that. For $42, you really cannot beat this natural concoction containing Japanese Adzuki Bean Powder. Simply mix with your cleanser, or for you earth mamas like me, with water and gently scrub away dead skin cells. You will glow because Bobbi Brown is so good.

2. La Mer Cleanser
Yay! An affordable product from La Mer. It is their cleanser and I can attest that it works just as well as the creams do at getting the job done. You are left feeling clean but not dry because no detergents are used in making La Mer's luxury cleanser. Perfect for everyday use so you get your money's worth.

 3. Clarisonic (again) 
Clarisonic has been a luxury choice of mine for years. How cute is this color? Ok, there are other colors, too and all of them do the same amazing job at getting your face spa clean. I love mine and smart shopping tip: purchase multiple brush heads so you can share the device (don't share heads!)
 4. Tweezers
Tweezers are used by the best of them to keep the brows at bay. Waxing is good so schedule those appointments regularly but tweezers take of those in between bits that pop up. A well shaped brow can do wonders for your face so keep it clean with my favorite brand in the tweeze department: Tweezerman

5. 4 in 1 Water Bottle by Cuisinart

Water is key to looking good all of the time. Drink plenty to hydrate during the day, after you workout and especially if you are not feeling well. This cup is also useful for keeping your coffee fresh and warm. This is a smart shopping buy because of it's eco-luxury factor. It is stylish and can be reused for years to come with care. Dishwasher safe, too!

I gave you 5 products and now... 5 Simple Beauty Tips:

1. Get plenty of rest. Experts recommend 6-9 hours every night.
2. Exercise regularly. 4-6 times a week is ideal.
3. Make decisions that are eco-aware. Eat natural foods, make small changes, shop smart, and love the earth.
4. Drink plenty of fluids daily and a cup or two of coffee won't hurt. Hydration is key.
5. Exfoliate weekly. Use a good cleanser in between.