Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NZFW 2012 Begins

Trelise Cooper at NZFW 2011
Photo credit: Michael Ng
Yesterday marked the beginning of New Zealand Fashion Week 2012. I will be enjoying updates of the events in the virtual world because NZFW has set up Inside updates to the events and shows that are taking place and I cannot wait to see all the reviews! Following the events on Twitter is definitely worth it to see all the real time events and up to date info. I am keeping my eye on designers Trelise Cooper because of her uber popularity and a LBD I just purchased from the luxury brand. Also, BLAK by designer Teresa Hodges. BLAK is my choice new pick of the season. Check out their website to see why! I do have to say that my excitement is overshadowed by the iconic global shopping extravaganza on Sept. 6 at FNO 2012. Will you be heading to the shops or shopping online perhaps?? 

COOP by Trelise Cooper NZFW 2011
Photo credit: Michael Ng

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to be seeing the NZFW fashion's up close and personal in Auckland this year then good. for.you. Fashion shows are fabulous to attend and having reported at a few, been in a few, sat in the audience at a few, nothing beats the experience. A close second is what we see at these shows that inspire what we wear on a daily basis. I cannot wait to see what the New Zealand fashion world has to offer.