Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shopper Saturday: Send Note Cards

Note Sending

It is Shopper Saturday and my tip to #shopsmart this week is send note cards. This is a classic and timeless tradition that beats an email any day. To take time from your amazingly hectic schedule and sit down and write a simple note of gratitude speaks volumes these days. It literally takes less than 10 minutes a card and that includes addressing it, so who doesn't have 10 minutes? Mark your calendars to do this and you will be surprised at the response you get from your loved ones. Kate Spade makes the choices easy with these 10 cards to say "Thanks a Million". They are so perfect for everyone and at $25 a set, you must stock up on some serious luxury stationery here. Always be thinking of gifts when shopping especially with goodies like these cards because these are a good one to give. Shop our online boutique for more luxury finds at prices that are very nice.