Monday, September 17, 2012

Smart Shoe Shopping

After a long day of shopping with all of the children in tow, it is nice to come home and reevaluate all that we've purchased. Not the lollies or clearance stickers that every child had to get. Not the discount socks or consignment shop finds (which are always amazing). Nope. This trip was an example in shopping smar for the childrent and also, investing in their physical future. Shoes for the children are one area where I do not skimp but still aim to shop smart. Quality shoes are key for foot development and growing a healthy bone structure. I look for natural materials that are usually of European construction because I have found that that's what fits us best. 

I am willing to pay a bit more knowing that they can be handed down or give me peace of mind when giving them away. I like to pass along the good stuff because what are people going to do with not so good stuff? Tip: When giving things away, sort it all out. The not so good stuff should be given to second-hand or thrift stores and if it is trash, then throw it out. When you purchase shoes that are lesser priced you must use your eyes to check the quality. Are the seams sewn or glued? Is the upper material leather or plastic? Laces or velcro? These are all questions to ask yourself when shoe shopping. Fit is always very important and using a shoe professional to make that final decision will almost guarantee a comfortable pair. Buying cheaper will not save you money when it comes to shoes. You will end up having to replace quickly worn out soles or broken seams and you will undoubtedly end up spending more.

I have busy children and we need shoes that are going to last and last and last. Running at the zoo, riding at the park, kicking balls around the yard are just a few of the activities that my children participate in almost everyday so I need some kicks that can keep up. We chose these Richter's for our youngest and they are so stylishly cute. They are made from pollutant -free materials that provide a natural and comfortable support system for little feet. They are an Austrian company that has been designing functional shoes for over 50 years that are fit for any occasion. So don't break the bank but do kick it up a notch when it comes to shoes for the little ones. Kick it. Get it? Look for great deals on quality shoes at resale shops as well. They are the ones that last the longest so someone out there may be passing the good stuff on to you! Happy Shopping!

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