Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All is Pretty with Free Shipping From NARS

It is no secret that as a beauty researcher and writer a deal or two has come my way. I love them. So when the team at NARS Cosmetics informed me of a really great shopping deal, I knew that I had to share with you. The luxury brand is the go to for serious makeup artistry and also happens to be one of my favorite beauty companies. Here is the deal: Free Shipping on all orders until November 30th. Shipping, especially with larger holiday orders, can get pricey. You will definitely need it as NARS has all the essentials for the upcoming festive and busy, busy, busy season. We tweeted this article from Vogue a while ago when the very organic beauty + art mold took place. The NARS Cosmetics Andy Warhol Collection is a Limited Edition Holiday 2012 exclusive that you can get now. How gorgeous is this line below? I absolutely love the whole range and there are colors for all seasons that just make me feel good A bit of pop art has a way of transforming one's mood. Andy Warhol is an icon and your makeup should be as such. Don't be selfish & think gifts, too. With free shipping you need to pack it all in.

Warhol Range

So before Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and that estimated $1,700 is spent on holiday shopping*, start here and shop smart. You CANNOT beat free shipping 

Shop the entire Warhol Collection from Nars here. Click around and you may even get a bit of hip history as well.

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*"Let the Shopping Begin:" Economist 2006 11-24