Sunday, November 25, 2012

Personal Shoppers: Worth Their Weight In Gold

My move to New Zealand has been one full of ups and downs. Questions like where does a family go to have a good time and more selfishly, where does one go to shop? Well this seems to be an international question as yesterday I read CNN Travel writer Phillippa Stewart's feature article which boasted an expert panel of personal shoppers that get the job done for you. The question: Are personal shoppers worth it? In my past experience as a personal shopper, I would have to say yes. I've shopped for both companies and wealthy men and women who simply couldn't be bothered with the details of personal shopping especially for the holidays. The gig: Give me a list and here are the gifts and personalized cards all ready to give. In today's fast paced world there are many, many opportunities where a personal shopper would be beneficial. The busy mother of four, hardworking singles, and the busy executive all have found uses for the personal shopper these days. Could you see one fitting into your life? As the holidays get going and parties and events get lined up, a personal shopper could help you to handle it all because it is their profession. Cocktail dress. Done. Unique gifts for the teachers. Check. Family styling for Santa pics. No problem. 

L-R: Angela Stone, Fiona Foxon, Gabrielle Teare Photo:
Now the sorted topic of coin...We are talking some significant change here with New Zealand's style expert Angela Stone charging $165/hour and London based Gabrielle Tarre won't even reveal her prices due to the highly competitive nature of the business. These ladies know the game of shopping like none other so clients worldwide trust them and think it's worth it. 

Tip: As with hiring any specialized trade, form a good relationship with them and trust they will get the shopping done to your specific standards so you don't have to worry.

This is more expensive than online shopping or maybe even going to the shops but here are some perks of hiring a personal shopper:

1. You can choose to shop alone or have it done for you. A second opinion is often good when it comes to clothing and style shopping.

2. Some services will shop for anything and will even return items that you don't like.

3. Most services will actually help you shop for less by purchasing high quality and classic garments that you will actually wear.

4. You can spend your time on other higher priority things like your loved ones or job.

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