Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Shoe Shift

It was last Christmas that my bestie and I were doing some insane shopping when, in search of a disposable pair of heels. Admittedly this is not smart shopping and our brains were also on fumes at this point. We ran across a pair of platforms. She and I had never before discussed our, then unknown, mutual disdain for platforms before so I suggested them. She was always a bit cooler in this area and could rock the trends as they came along. I was always classic, safe and boring which is why I never could pull off the platform. I then suggested the shoe as an option. I felt she could roll with the masses who had been donning the style for the last decade but she, rather emphatically, began to spew hate against them. (This was last minute shopping and the pressure was on.) These would obviously not be the  pair she would be considering for the next evening. We searched on. However, we knew that we were in the minority on this one as at every turn there they were. Multi-soled heels galore. No thank you. I honestly blamed our platform hate on the fact that she and I have thinner legs and the platform style is all sorts of wrong for us. All wrong.

Shopping Tip: Just because they make a style in your size, doesn't mean it is for you.

Well it is a new year and Vogue has come to our rescue today as I read my January issue with the lovely Gwen Stefani on the cover. They have exclaimed that the world needs to break the platform habit. Thank goodness. It's over now and I, also on behalf of my bestie, offer you quite possibly the most gorgeous shoe around lately. It's Gucci so take it all in. 
Hail to Gucci & The Single Sole
Now this is to inspire you to shop & not break the bank. If you can shop for Gucci, then do. But if not, then use these as a guide for what is smart to shop for within your budget. 

How to shop smart based on this shoe:
  • These heels can be worn with skirts, jeans, dresses, and skirts so think versatility when shoe shopping. 
  • Black and white are neutral and lend themselves to many outfits. Brilliant. 
  • Shop for well made shoes and don't skimp. You only get one set of feet.
  • Always stay within budget. There is a shoe out there in every price range so search in stores and online for the one that is right for you and your wallet.

Shoe Fact: Manolo Blahnik only makes single-soled shoes.

It is also to be noted that in light conversation this weekend with two men, including my better half, who are of the belief that most women dress for men. I told them not to flatter themselves. But, women are beautiful, and who wouldn't want to be the reason why we make such an effort. 

When choosing this shoe, another thought, from a man, came to mind. He once told me that the arches of a woman are her sexiest body part and did you get a look at that cut out arch feature above? Perhaps that was a fetish of sorts and I am pretty sure the previously mentioned men will continue to think that all of the primping is for them but whatever the case, this Gucci stiletto is sexy and smart. Just like a woman.

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