Thursday, January 10, 2013

Babies Stroll in Eco-Luxury

Eco-Luxe Baby
Kourtney Kardashian & family at LAX with G2 Orbit Baby

After a cray cray day with my three sons, I  vented here and posted this photo to the left. Celebs are my escapism and they allow my mind to be set adrift into a world of make believe and sometimes, I find gems like this pram spotted here. When we posted this photo of super mom Kourtney Kardashian, we had to find out about that stroller. It is definitely unique so we were curious...

This is the G2 from California based company 
Orbit Baby. They are the first company to use orbitgreenTM fabrics in the carrier which are proven to be eco-friendly so your baby is comforted in some of the safest materials on earth. Mixed with it's high-end aluminum construction, it is our perfect Eco-Luxury choice of the moment. It also comes with all the essentials: snack holders, super compact folding, and 5-point safety harness. Another key feature is the 3DRotationTM which allows for 360 degree rotation of the seat. No missed animals on a trip to the zoo and feeding baby while out at lunch is now a cinch. No doubt about it this is a really cool stroller but how cool will you find the price tag? 
For the entire stroller system it's about a $1,000 but if you just want the one seen at the top, it will set you back $780. I still have one child in a stroller and I must admit that I have a couple different strollers/prams in my fleet to accommodate different outings with baby but none of mine broke the 4 digit mark. Who is shopping for the Orbit Baby G2? All the stars & their friends are proudly pushing their wee ones in the lap of eco-luxury. Alessadra Ambrosio,  January Jones and Jessica Alba have all been spotted pushing these posh prams around town. 

So the question is: would you shop for this luxury stroller?

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