Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Beauty Brigade: Real Life's Top 5

My own beauty bag seen here is in serious need of some fresh supplies
Did you know that you should replenish the items in your make-up bag at least every 6-12 months? Does this make you want to go shopping for fresh beauty products ? Real Life Salvation has done what they do best-simplify life and line-up a choice new Beauty Brigade to rejuvenate your daily routine. Click here for their Daily Beauty Top 5 great for all you busy types to glow and grow by. Real Life's Top 5 features some of our own favorite luxury beauty brands like Clarisonic, Kiehl's and Elizabeth Arden as well as some smart shopping advice. (Loving the tips on SPF & stressing water's importance) It's never too late to get gorgeous so check it out. You may just find the perfect products to get healthy and take your beauty to the next level. 

Happy Shopping.

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