Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dress #6 Is A Wrap

As predicted, dresses are THE feminine thing this year. I love the versatility. The single item Smart Shopping aspect. So many choices for your to define your ephemeral style with just one piece that may or may not even contain a button/clasp/zipper to hold you all in. It doesn't have to because it is a dress and allows your mind and body to let go. The world agrees so check out this article from Vogue Daily to look through their choices over the past month. See below as this happens to be my favorite day in the line up so far. January 6. That is also Epiphany for some of us so go figure. Get it? I think that was a pun of sorts that we have been awakened on both levels. Ok, just check out this gorgeous dress below by DVF and all the rest of them and get inspired. 

For smart shopping, you may want to avoid the ones that read price upon request. Wrap dress below is very smart shopping because it can be worn from Sunday brunch to midweek cocktails and with a price tag of less than $300, you can own a fashion staple.

Diane von Furstenburg silk Reina dress, $298 | Vogue.com

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