Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project in Pics: Smock Shopping

It is not very often that I get to shop for little girls but when I do, I take it very seriously. It was this print seen above while out shopping that caught my eye. There is no other word for it than darling which is perfect because the recipient of it was just the same. It is the front of a smock that we gave for a gift recently and was actually disappointed that one did not come in my size. I love and appreciate art so anything that goes along with the territory, especially these stylish smocks, I am keen to shop for. Smocks are just as important as paints when it comes to art with kids. (Click here for a few tips on smock buying!)

The most amazing thing about this smock was how it was it's own gift wrap. This photo to the left is the final product that I created and presented as the gift. See below for how it all, very easily, came together.
Before: It's started off as this children's smock. I had to use the whole thing as the print was just too pretty to hide so...

After: ...I folded and rolled it lightly (see photo below). Then I tied a matching bow (with double knots on either side) to keep it pretty. Tada! Gift is ready. This is for a child so no need for wasting wrapping paper on something this pretty.

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