Saturday, February 23, 2013

Perfect Pochette

I recently found myself in full conversation, verging even on debate, about what defines certain bag styles. Baguette, bucket, clutch and duffel are all fancy ways of defining portable vessels that carry all of our goods and at different times have varying levels of usefulness based on the occasion. That is why we need so many of them correct? After calming myself from my war of words I discovered these and if I had to define the word pochette, I would use this as my most excellent example. The company is Fontana Milano a family run leather goods company whose ubiquitously private nature has sustained them since 1915. They run a single shop hidden in the Porta Romana district of Italy, where these gorgeous bags are handcrafted to this day. They come in the assortment of colors and if you don't like those choices, a customized color can be created in the on-site workshop. Monogramming absolutely available as well 

Photo by Evan Sung via

Pochette bag key features:

  • Single zipper creates easy access.
  • Compact size makes for bulk-free shopping.
  • Allows for smart traveling with room only for the 3 C's: cell, cards and cash
  • Wrist-strap is durable & functional.

Fontana Milano is a brand that is traditional in nature with modern designs that keep their client list growing and coming back for more year after year. I keep them in my radar as a gauge as to how products and companies should all be managed. They have been operating for 100 years so quality is quantity in this case. It is not often that attention to detail and legacy of craftsmanship is still honored in our world of fast fixes but this family company has stayed true and their bags are gorgeous.

Want more? Get a visual of the workshop here.