Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What I've Been Seeing Around Towne

I have been in observation mode again and this time in cities all over the world. There is one chunky trend that is quintessentially summed up by my photograph here. An abundantly decorated wrist or even an exposed one would have found some women cast out of their towne centuries ago but, oh how the times have changed! Heavy layers of bracelets are definitely very cool. How cool? They go from day to night and it's perfectly okay for guys, too. Actually the trend may have started with men but we are still debating that one. This gorgeous display was spotted over morning coffee on a woman and though I'm not sure where it was purchased, you will be finding similar ones to these popping up everywhere. Use monochrome as seen here or go for multi color vibrancy, throw in a watch, or bangles of precious metals as options. The use of lava beads, coins, a stoic cross and random silver trinkets seems so disjointed yet makes perfect fashion sense. Overindulge your wrists but don't overdo it. We are going for subtly bohemian here. Not full-on hippie chick.

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