Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shopping Au Natural

Jennifer Lopez shopping without makeup. Photo from
This photo of Jennifer Lopez shopping with her children sans make-up and with it she is telling the world that she still looks better than most of us with make-up on. We are especially thrilled to know that mega stars shop just like the rest of us do. It is important to be comfortable especially when shopping with kids. (Just be prepared!) You are at the racks finding things to wear when you want to look fabulous and the pressure to look good in preparation should be off. Shopping should be a natural experience so take a lesson here from someone who would definitely be deemed a shopper extraordinaire: save getting done up for when you need to get done up. Enjoy J. Lo's  natural beauty here because come American Idol time, she will be perfectly coiffed, and just as enviable, as normal. 

(We are actually really keen on that skull shirt, too. Hmm...#trendalert?)

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