Monday, September 9, 2013

Thanks to Valentino and Miley?

After weeks of seeing a scantily clad Miley, I was reaching my boiling point and my eyes could no longer take the pain. I really cannot even go there. Funny how the universe works out because I spotted this in #thespemtemberissue of Vogue. Talk about salvation. Doesn't she clean up real nice? You are welcome for providing you and the rest of the world with a decent and sophisticated photo of her in couture. Ok yes, she was introduced to the world of fine clothing and hey, that's alright. Through a proper stylist is how many people meet the names, labels, fabrics, and designs that most strive for and few ever reach. However, the celebrity is thrust into the world which is why we see Lil' Miley here in (gulp!) clothes gorgeous Valentino. That's right. Miley Cyrus is in Valentino. The design house is the epitome of cool in luxury clothes and Italian founder Valentino Gravani is famous for saying, "I know what women want. They want beautiful clothes". Oh yes they do and this jumpsuit is beautiful. So what is this post about? Really it is the "one-piece wonder" trend alert. Jumpsuits are popping up all over and even transitioning the seasons with cover ups, scarves and boots. In summer, there are no one-piece rules. It absolutely qualifies as shopping smart. One item of clothing and you are done. Thanks M.C.