Thursday, October 3, 2013

Luxury Mobile's Handcrafted Resurgence

The idea of handmade may be the farthest thing you think of when it comes to your smart phone but Vertu is the world’s leading provider of luxury mobile phones. They are beautifully handmade in England by a single person with features including high quality calf skin sourced from the European Alps and finished in a tannery that is over 150 years old. A grade five titanium casing which is two and a half times stronger than stainless steel but half the weight. Must stop here and say that as a clumsy person this is my favorite feature. The cover is made from sapphire which can only be damaged by diamonds, so do watch the bling, and underneath is a super tiny flat screen. Luxury at it's finest hour. Actually 2 hours is the average length of time it takes to hand craft one phone. I am very impressed. Have a look at the video to get some insight on how an old world tradition is making an elegant resurgence in the techie world. 
Vertu Constellation launched this month.
The Constellation is the latest luxury product from Vertu and is launching this month with a price tag of about $8,000. It is handmade in England of all of Vertu's finest chosen materials appealing to both male and females. Their company's devotion to high quality audio engineering lead them to feature a portfolio of melodic ringtones especially composed for Vertu and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. They have literally thought of everything with these smart phones and provide you with ideas  that are unique to Vertu.

Vertu’s Head of Total Product Offering, Ignacio Germade, said:
"While Constellation takes Vertu in a new design direction, materially it embodies everything for which the brand has become renowned – tactile materials, outstanding engineering, craftsmanship and modern technology.”

Vertu TI was the mobile company's premiere luxury phone released in Februrary 2013.

In February they launched VERTU TI, a contemporary smartphone powered by Android. It's sleek appeal and super lightweight design will cost you about $12,000 and some change. It features Vertu’s unique tradition of peerless material selection, elegant design and hand craftsmanship in mobile devices.

Considering the near flawless design and almost indestructable quality of Vertu's luxury phones, the Life cycle of a cell phone could be impacted greatly. My question is how long could you have this phone before need another upgrade at thousands of dollars? The people who are shopping for this perhaps don't have these questions but in my world, it's valid.