Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Shopping List 2013

I have been travelling the globe, neglecting my blog babies and have found myself finally settling with the realization that Christmas is just around the corner.I have been hearing shoppers say: "Where did the time go and how am I going to get it all done before loading it all onto Santa’s sleigh for his big delivery?". Don’t panic people. We have compiled the list for you. After witnessing Black Friday and then Cyber Monday, it is clear that people are still shopping this holiday season but it is best to keep it smart and simple.

Luxury Accessories
Now you know I love an amazing luxury label but when it comes to gift giving, less is more. I will not share the contents of this wee box but inside lies an accessory with details and craftsmanship that only Gucci can provide. No matter how small an item from their line is, all of the old Italian tradition and skill is applied to its creation. If you have friends or family that will appreciate the finer though smaller, things in life then this is the gift giving choice for you.

Random Glassware
Trend Alert: Matching is out! Give the gift of boldness with goblets like these. Meant for water or the friend who gets really thirsty at parties, add some more color to their life. Varying hued glasses at holiday soirees minimize that odd moment when you look at the stranger next to you and ask, “Did you just drink from my glass?”. I am a true germaphobe so these little life instances are best avoided at all costs. Shop for cool colored glasses and we can all drink to that!
Goblets from Etagere Christchurch

Handmade Toys
This one is for the kiddies and every child lover out there knows that simplicity is key when it comes to the little ones. These handcrafted toys are from Fair Trade where ethical manufacturing is at the forefront of their design process. This drum and cymbal are of superior quality and the unique aspects to them will have your children being the leader of the eco-pack. #ShopSmart this Christmas and go for handmade toys.

     Brown  Leather Travel Bag
I have been spotting these as the family and I traipse the globe on the most sophisticated of travelers. They are smart and look smart. With optimal accessory compartments and plenty of large storage room, this is the ideal choice for anyone on the go. There are all sizes and we chose this large one from Coach as our unisex version of the travel bag. The leather is supple and the brass does the job as we know first hand. It was loaded down with everything from wipes to two laptops on a twenty-one hour travel day. Let’s see who gets more use out of it.
Holiday Cards
Sending signed greeting cards is one of the most heart-felt things you can do during the holiday season. With all of the hustle and bustle, taking time out to autograph tidings to your loved ones is one of the best gifts of all. Gift giving doesn't have to be attached to debt. Card giving is eco-smart and keeps you within a very low budget. It says you care and that is all you really need to say for the holidays.

Tip: Shop online. Black Friday internet sales increased over 12% this year and the one reason was for shoppers to avoid the crowds at the mall. Online shopping is convenient and saves you a big headache if you are a bit of a shopping humbug!

Know Before You Go:

  • Your gift budget
  • Who you want to shop for and priority does count here.
  • What you want to get them.
This outlines your approach to the holiday season. Write down the answers and you have right in front of you what your goals are and the limits so this is the best start you can have. Just remember to keep within your budget and cards always work when you are running low on funds.

Be safe out there and get the good stuff for the ones you love. Happy holiday shopping!
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