Friday, January 10, 2014

Beauty Brigade 2014

A Beauty Brigade is long overdue. I have been in shopping sampling mode to bring the best of beauty. Whether you are wanting to update or add something that comes straight from the runways, we have got you covered. We have used this year to choose exactly what products we are using to keep it all together in a simply beautiful way. It doesn't take pounds of product to keep you looking fresh. These five things are enough to get you through.

1. Red Lipstick or Glosses

Red lips are the coolest and hottest thing out there right now. It is an old favorite brought back to revitalize the beauty bag. If you want some inspiration, take a look at these two stars from the start of awards season. Get the point? It epitomizes both the classic and sexy with its resurgence was seen on runways from New York to Paris. We love our NARS and this stick is awesome.

In NZ? We've shopped for NARS here and Ballantynes

2. A Really Good Oil
Whether it be olive oil, coconut oil or our new favorite from Pure Fiji, get that body moisturized. Have you seen the weather on the eastern seaboard? The freezing temps will zap the fluids right from your body so slather it on. Dry and dehydrated skin looks worn and saggy which is not cute. Even in the southern hemisphere we need to replenish from the blazing sunrays. Choose what your skin takes to and put it on after the shower and throughout the day when necessary.

3. Foundation Brush
A good foundation brush is like the diamond in the rough when it comes to your makeup kit. It is modular shaped and mostly bristles but when it is needed, that is what you grab to begin the transformation of the face. A good brush will evenly distribute and then blend across your face with little effort. We use ecoTools with a Chanel foundation and at this point, would be hard-pressed to switch either.

4. Dark Nails
I remember when again, Chanel came out with Vamp when I was younger. It was the coolest thing and my girlfriends and I would paint our nails in the middle of class. One art professor in particular was allergic and would shoo us out of the studio if someone dared open a bottle. Those days are long gone so now please respect those around you or go to the salon and get them done. I opted for a Vinalux this week instead of my Shellac which I have been pretty much addicted to for about year now. It was quicker but let's see if it can stand up to the mad durability of a shellac manicure.

5. Water!!
Drink lots of it to stay beautiful. That's really all I need to say.