Sunday, January 26, 2014

Imaginary Shopping for Awards Season

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards is just starting and stars are already taking to the red carpet as I type. You will see below that I've already chosen Ciara and Ryan Lewis with Macklemore there as my top picks for the evening. 
Awards seasons brings out the biggest celebrity names as they vie for awards in a multitude of categories. However, as always, there is one award that there is no statue for and it is best dressed. Our eyes are always gazing at the clothing choices. Mainly options come from a stylist whose choice can make or break a celeb as they strut down the entryway to some of the biggest night's in Hollywood. Each show has a feel and and it would be difficult for a stylist to correctly shop for a celebrity personality with the atmosphere of the events all being different so the pressure is definitely on. While we personally most look forward to The 86th Annual Academy Awards which airs Sunday March 22, (For a full list of the nominees click here.) we are patiently waiting for the Oscars but also pondering a few pieces that our imagination would have shopped for this awards season.

Let's start with what is happening on the red carpet right now at the Grammy's...

Ciara in Emilio Pucci right now.

Ryan Lewis and Macklemore looking definitively awesome tonight.
For the start of the 2014 season, these are the two pieces I would have shopped for:

SAG is elegant and refined with Amy Adams (right) looking absolutely beautiful in a blue Antonio Berardi form fitting gown.

Golden Globes is prestigious dressing and we would have chosen Lupita Nyong'o (left) in her red Ralph Lauren dress fit with an attached cape going full Hollywood Glam.

Memory Lane: The Grammy awards fashion choices are historically know for shock-value ensembles. Just take a look at these past attendees. We are anxious to see who will shock us at tonight's awards!

Toni Braxton circa 2001.
Margaret Cho wearing real peacock feathers in 2004.
Jennifer Lopez in Versace circa 2000.
Nicki Minaj 2011 & 2012

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