Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Monstrously Wrong Shopping

After a very full day of shopping and mommying, I was slaving over the stove (not really, I was making foccacia), when I was met with a the voice of a small child who uttered, "So you think I like having nightmares do ya?"
I was shocked. He handed me the pajamas that I had just purchased that day with three children in tow who had at one point all needed to run to the restrooms. I did manage to purchase these from Cotton On Kids and thought they were the perfect fit for my little monster lover. Cotton On Kids is an essential shop when you are dressing multiple children as they grow rapidly from year to year. I would equate them to GAP and both are a part of many style conscious parents lives who are looking for good quality and great prices especially come sale time. I was wrong. Monstrously wrong. They are, "too monstery", a frightened sibling chimed in and that was pretty much it. After a few minutes of dogging the new night duds, it was the opinion of all that there were too many eyes and they would stare at him if he were to wake in the night. Fair enough. I thought that they were cute and reminded me of his favorite shirt by Zomsters. This brand prides themselves on whimsical monster designs on organic cotton t's. They are adorable and they don't seem to mind them at all. Actually preferring the Zomsters gear over most items in their closets.

I am not a stylist and just wear what I want to wear. It is a different story when shopping for others. I am shopping for children (and a husband) who all have different personalities and tastes and I must take this into consideration with each person I am shopping for. Sometimes, not often, but sometimes I miss the mark. These monsters missed the mark. I loved these pajamas and instead of returning them I am stashing them away for the next child down the line or perhaps a gift. They are too cute to give up!

The complete set from Cotton On Kids.

This is the monster foot print on the pajama shorts.

This is the one monster in particular that was, "Too Scary"

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