Sunday, January 5, 2014

Summer Sunglasses

There are some days when shopping comes purely out of necessity. I hit up Witchery this week in search of some serious Summer sun style. The sun and its glorious rays have been beaming as summer begins to truly take shape in the southern hemisphere. Speaking of that, down south there has been drastic depletion in the ozone layer over Antartica. Actually there is a hole. The ozone layer protects us from harmful UVA/UVB's and having a huge gaping hole makes us very susceptible to damage from the sun. Much protection is needed and being sun smart is vital. You will hardly find me without a huge sun hat and a pair of choice glasses from my collection. I have all shapes and sizes and use them for different activities. My "sale pair" for days lazing on the beach. My "posh pair" for lunching with the ladies. They are all different styles but they serve the same purpose: protection. Living in Texas for decades has done a number on my retinas so again, for the good of all that is holy, and so that you don't end up like me with eyes compromised by years of sun exposure, wear sunglasses. Here is some inspiration from Elvis and my Nikon.
" Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a while but it ain't going anywhere". -The King

Children are most susceptible to damage so cover their eyes as well when the sun is out.

The latest pair from Witchery we use as a unisex option because of their kitschy quality.
A few pieces from our collection of sunglasses. Some pair are decades old.
Utilize the carrying cases and cleaning cloths that come with your pair to protect and preserve your lenses.
I  can best enjoy the sun with shades on.