Friday, March 21, 2014


Well, #INEVERTHOUGHTTHISWOULDHAPPEN. But I must dissect it. She is beautiful with a body shape that is redefining the feminine figure in fashion. He is a rap mogul whose love/hate bromance inside of my husband's head is comical yet I embrace all of Yeezy's dope rhymes. That is not the point. Fashion icon? Cover worthy? Have you had enough? Whatever your thoughts are, these two have the world talking and with this latest development below, they have crossed a very fine line here. It's the moment when Posh Spice became Victoria Beckham. Think Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe. 

Photo by Annie Leibovitz, Vogue April 2014

There is a whole juggernaut behind the celebrity but no question Kim Kardashian's style is one to watch as she wears clothes from some of the most fashionable designers in the business. Givenchy, Celine, Tom Ford, Alaia, even hand made designer baby clothes for their daughter are in her possession. She sat front row at many a fashion week show this year, even attending couture shows in Paris, and was the requisite amazing do so. He even has his own line. Perhaps some of her past options we would not have chosen but doesn't every person go through this? Many a past outfit choice for me has been questionable but I love clothes and was inspired by Vogue at a very young age so creating fearless adolescent outfits as I transitioned life is how I worked out my style and still am. This happens at many phases in our lives and as dynamics and roles change so does our style. I think that Kimye are just working it all out: life, kids, tv shows, music, media, and style. Now they are working it out with the help of Vogue. That's a huge help. I hope they send Anna Wintour the largest and most grandiose delivery of flowers anyone at Conde Nast has ever seen. That would be very nice and absolutely indicative of their mutual style.

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