Saturday, April 26, 2014

You Must Have Havs (Seasonal Transition Post)

It was this photo to the left that promoted me to say good bye to my favorite summer shoe. (Note the exposed toes and wet weather mixed with fallen leaves.) Actually a sandal. Or a jandal. Havaianas are my go-to-shoe for the Summer and as it is officially gone, my sandals must be stored for Winter. They are one of the most comfortable shoes that I have ever worn. It is difficult to explain the feel of the super-padded sole but luxurious is a start. I can wear them all day, which I often do, without discomfort. As you can see below they come in an array of colors and styles but I wear mine with whatever whenever during the hot summer days. They are for lazing, gazing and taking it all in. I probably wear them when it is not socially appropriate and obviously far past their seasonal expiration date but they are one of my staples. Fishing, long walks, quick mommy errand runs, beach days, and fruit picking are just a few places that mine took me this Summer. Why so much fuss over a sandal? You try and pair and see what I am typing about. Long lasting and no loose-strap situations should have anybody sold. They are my absolute favorite sandal. So as I say goodbye to my collection due to seasonal transition, it is time for all of you in the Northern Hemi to #shopsmart and get yourselves some Havs.