Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jenny Packham's #Hairfluence

I have been on the lookout for the ultimately embellished headpiece in my transitions from curly to straight hair. I find that the one tried and true accessory is the headband but was needing to branch out. There were a few requisite details that the accessory must possess: A timeless piece that's sweetly embellished and able to go with me day to day on my mommy runs and shopping trips without clashing. Then I found these below. Get inspired.

Jenny Packham's Hairfluence
 Jenny Packham has created a line of that entices the fancy girl in all of us to Go Gatsby and adorn the hair a bit more. I am seeing the trend pop up in a wave of #hairfluence I've not seen in a while. A true hair trend like banana clips or scarves but this updated and bejeweled look takes things to another level of sophistication. With just one design below Swarovski crystal is mounted on silk with silver loops on the end allowing it to be easily placed atop the head. Now how elegant does that sound?

The British designer is an Art School graduate mostly known for her luxury bridal wear. She is also stylist to many celebrities and was the brains behind Sex and the City character Samantha Jones' style. In 2008 she started designing bridal accessories and here are a few of our favorite pieces for you to shop for directly:
Jenny Packham silver hair accessory
530 NZD -

Jenny Packham jeweled headband
445 NZD -

Jenny Packham hair combs accessory
410 NZD -

Jenny Packham head wrap headband
845 NZD -

Jenny Packham adjustable belt
1,050 NZD -

Jenny Packham accessory
580 NZD -

Jenny Packham head wrap hair accessory
835 NZD -

Jenny Packham adjustable belt
495 NZD -