Tuesday, May 6, 2014

May Vogue & Me Time

My mother in law once said everyone should take a quick nap every day. She was a highly productive person with a long list of accomplishments who believed in taking time out for yourself.
It is essential to take time for yourself and do nothing every once in a while, however this requires preparation so none of your time is wasted. Don't get me wrong. Naps are absolutely not wasted time and have proven to boost your mood and realign your focus. We are simply suggesting a Me Party. Grab a few things you love to embrace YOU for a while.  A book, a glass of wine, a journal, or nothing. Head out (or stay in) for that coveted time alone.

Here is a sample of my Me Party supplies, including my newly arrived Vogue which I read pretty much read cover to cover each month. Perfect timing to attend the Me Party. Thank you Universe for international shipping. Now schedule some time for you and you. I'm taking Vogue. What's going with you?

Oh and remember that uber controversial April Vogue with Kimye on the cover? Yeah, reportedly one of the bestselling months ever though sales figures are usually not disclosed. Either way well done, Anna Wintour.