Monday, July 28, 2014

Fashion Forward: Knee High Boots and Beyond

There is nothing like a shopping experience to jolt you into reality. I stepped out of the car and realized that Winter had set in. It is getting cold here in NZ and this has required the entire wardrobe to be overhauled and changed. As we move into winter a few simple rules apply: Layering is key to staying warm while heating the core and keeping it bottled in with a hat will help, too. However, there seems to be a recurring pattern for me as the seasons turn colder that has helped get me through the wintry winds each year. The addition of a good pair of boots. I love following all of the Fall/Winter shows via Vogue because the styles are seasonally relevant now. Take note of the knee-high boot they have chosen  for being the Fall buy. It goes all the way up to give you that extra bit of warmth and the style is bold yet versatile. I always encourage you to shop smart and with a purpose and this trip was no different. Here is a small gallery of knee-high and higher boots that will be trending this fall so look for inspiration here.
I am rocking mine above while shopping no less so go for style and comfort to get the most out of them.
Knee-High and Beyond