Friday, August 15, 2014

#Gotitfree from Vogue: A Coming of Age Tale

When I was young and that transitional phase of growth began to reek havoc on my face, Neutrogena came to the rescue. It's formula seemed magical at the time because skin issues were quickly abated with a daily regimen. I learned early how important a healthy glow was and over the years, I seem to have trialed every brand under the sun. Whether itwas for work research out of boredom, there is hardly a brand I've not tried over the last two decades. Now I've come full circle. Vogue sent over this choice sample kit with explicit details on how to use the brand new Neutrogena range. I was dubious but after 3 days of use, there are some noticeable #rapidresults taking place. I'm pretty impressed but stay tuned for my final analysis after a full week of serious sampling.