Thursday, August 28, 2014

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair To The Rescue!

Choice Pick: The Serum feat. that fastest Retinol formula available
It seems as though the universe delivers things to your doorstep (in this case quite literally) just when you need it. In this case, it was Neutrogena to the rescue. I admittedly have neglected my face due to life and it's business but there is actually no excuse for this. My face was showing serious signs of damage and neglect with acne and lines, so timing was perfect. The full regimen was sent to me courtesy of VogueRapid Wrinkle Repair SPF 30 Moisturizer, Night moisturizer, Serum and Eye Cream.

I was told to test it for just one week but as always, I give my samples a good long sampling. It actually didn't take long to see the difference. Noticeable #rapidresults. Smoother skin and a brighter tone were the most distinct differences and that is just what all of the products combined were supposed to do. Below is the line-up. 
I trusted Neutrogena before, and now, on the cusp of me attending New Zealand Fashion Week (#NZFW), my face is fresh and ready. I will be doing some in depth reporting on a few shows, shopping at the Designer Garage Sale and I now feel confident enough to shine with the fabulous people who flock to the country's biggest fashion event of the year. Thank you Neutrogena.

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All products were received courtesy of Vogue (#gotitfree) and all opinions are my own as part of the Vogue Influencer Team.