Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NZFWeekend Recap

Auckland is city number five that I have attended fashion week events in. These events are massive with entertainment and timelines key to success. Technically, it was called Fashion Weekend this time because I attended only Sunday's events. I must get it right. I've said before that I am not a style blogger so these fashion politics often vex me. One thing that I do know is each Fashion Week from coast to coast is cool. Cool people, cool food and cool fashion.  Bridal show deserves it's own post but I am a woman so of course bridal shows are cool. Lela Jacobs was the coolest show for me because it was actually a live art installation with handcrafted fabrics. Very cool. Stolen Girlfriend's Club is such a shop-able brand which I have seen at a boutiques in New Zealand. I met the designer, and again, just so cool. 

The representation of local fashion is admirable and the magnitude of events was as well. The press pass does make it a bit easier but I saw young and old, men and women in attendance. This is fashion access and though you may not think what you are wearing has anything to do with high fashion, think again. It is all trickle down in the fashion industry. From fabrics, to patterns and where to shop. The runway is just a stop on the clothing's way to you.

The absolute standout for me was the Designer Garage Sale where I was able to shop along with the designer's and have them fit and style me. Last seasons designs along with last season prices. Yes, it was dreamlike. No I did not spend a fortune. I always shop smart. More on the ultimate shopping experience later.

The most can be learned from street style, though. Feathers, lashes, and vintage Louis pretty much sums up what the people are wearing and it looks hot. There were amazing volunteers who, as a person who has served as a fashion week volunteer, know that they put all of their heart and soul into taking fashion to the next level. 

So in a random sequence of photos, here is my experience. Oh, last thing. Birkenstock's are back. Yessssss!