Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Read the Labels

I'm an advocate of reading the care labels designers put on their pieces. It helps to ensure the item lasts and if it's a good quality choice, it should. Well, I didn't follow my own advice thereby not heeding to jeweler Lindi Kingi's care label and nope my bracelets are in a state. Too horrid to display here. The very clear instructions are available online and here's a screenshot. I love my bracelets, the lava beads in particular. Note how it reads not to expose to water and lay flat when not in use. Did I mention I hardly ever remove them from my wrists? I'm pretty serious. Shower, yoga, here, there and everywhere. I liberally stack them on and don't take them off. Consequently, I've lost charms, trinkets and color. Bad me. Read the labels.

I consider them to now have a bit of character but I see more in my near future. Hello, Christmas.