Friday, February 27, 2015

A Second Shoe Thought

This post is overdue. After regaling the brilliant idea to someone, my topic choice was initially & swiftly vetoed. That left me to ponder if readers would be as excited as I was with my new/old favorite find. It just so happens that my favorite shopping find of the past year are my second-hand Doc Martens. They are worn in and fabulous. I also bought them from a friend so there's that awesome aspect as well.

This was a shoe that was intended for the busy mother (true story!) and has over time, developed its own wild-style reputation. This is possibly the 4th pair that I've owned during my lifetime. They are uber cool and comfortable so it's definitely worlds colliding when it comes to Docs as a fashion choice. I encourage all of you to have a pair...or two. The person who initially vetoed my post for its recycled nature owns several pair. Jealous much of the silky bows and unique pink-plaid lining on mine? Just saying..

More shoe shopping...