Sunday, June 7, 2015

Double Puffing Via Kathmandu

This weekend, the Southern Hemi has been so cold, that during celebratory fireside chats, I double puffed.

Explanation: Wearing two layers of duck down coats in order to keep warm while braving cold elements.

It is the kind of cold where you'd just rather stay in bed all day like a loser. Cold hands, feet and innards. All icy. Don't let Mother Nature mask your social potential. Winter still serves up parties and gatherings, so whilst you're out,  layering will be key. You don't have to really double puff unless as with the situation above, it's absolutely necessary for survival. However, having one good down coat is an essential piece for any wardrobe.

Both of these are from Kathmandu and have stood the test of time. No noticeable wearing and they maintain their own winter style. Not necessarily coat chic, but coat comfort is defined with these puffers. Fully lined and fitted wrists keep the cold out and your core warm.

As the temps drop, don't get down. Grab your down, and keep moving.