Monday, April 10, 2017

Customer Service: Get Amongst the Greatness

Customer Service. Two words that stand alone as normal nouns but when combined become a powerful force that dictates a doctrine to which the shopping world must adhere.
This is a subject on which I don't compromise. Yes, I do my clothes shopping with assistance and that's the I ching of customer service. All of my other shopping however, I rely on my taste, wits and the staff of whatever establishment I'm frequenting. Any little lady can start up a business but who's running the shop? It best be a person who is willing to take a customer's shopping experience to the next level with the hope that they will come again and tell a friend. I've found that the brief is simple and universal as I've shopped in over a dozen countries. Beautiful atmosphere (Lynn Woods pictured here), knowledgeable staff and a great selection are key.  Remember the Tale of a Rude Sales lady? You can have the best of the best in your shop but if the customer service experience leaves you in limbo, go elsewhere. Immediately. Who has the time to linger in limbo? Not I. From Saks Fifth Avenue to The Salvation Army, the Good Lord has blessed us with lots of shopping variety. Get amongst it.
Shop smart. Shop local. NEVER compromise on enjoying every minute of it.