Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Handmade Shopping is Smart Shopping

I am a procurer of all things handmade. Whenever possible if I cannot make it, I seek out someone or a shop locally who can. You can customize and get what you want by simply making it or having it made for you. Note: This mostly comes from necessity. Once I made this because it rained so much in Seattle. Handmade comes from the heart which endears every piece made this way. Choosing fabrics and pieces allows for your own artistic expression and in most cases the quality will be far better. It's a smart way shop.

I most recently kitted out my layette with beautiful black and white themed baby gear inspired by fabrics I spotted online. Ivy & Co. had such a brilliant Instagram page that I placed an order straight from fabrics I had seen there and you see here. Gorgeous custom blankets, cloths and all the trimmings (he he) to swaddle baby for the infant days.

Donoco Handmade created me one of the most beautifully well-made baby quilts that I have ever seen. It's a custom piece so bubs and I feel pretty spesh. Magnificent taste in fabrics and quality workmanship are my highlights with this one.

My pillow obsession is a real thing and both of these two (above & below) are from Bolt of Cloth whose brand is synonymous for quality pieces but dear Lord are they expensive. Well worth it mostly but they are a good shop for luxury off-cuts and their sales are brilliant. Both of these are handmade and were shopped for during sale time. In these photos I had just used them for a photo shoot. The durable fabric of my pillows has them going strong today after years of use and I still LOVE the designs of them both.

Reach out to your local retailers for your shopping needs. Shopping locally will have you GETTING what you want but GIVING all at the same time. See how that works? #shopsmart