Thursday, May 4, 2017

Back to Brigitte's

Post baby bubble. The Caring Cocoon. Nurturing Nest. Call it what you will, once a new baby arrives, you go inward. I prepped with running, hot yoga, walking, travel, reading, loving and all the rest of it. Nothing, even for us with it being a combined 5th time around, nothing fully prepares you for a new baby. You have to find a whole new family groove in order for it to all work out. New outlooks on people, parenting, love, lifestyle, money, marriage. All of it is questioned once that little Bubba arrives. You need to go inward to find at least some of the answers. We have done for about 5 months. It's been grand.
Once you have figured out a few of life's lessons, you creep out of that Caring Cave, Doting Den or what have you and start enjoying a whole new life again. With bubs in tow. Our reintroduction into a life of seeming normality was inaugurated at one of our favorite cafés, Brigitte's. Baby best get used to a café lifestyle. Good ones like this are one of life's essentials.

See eggs benediction deliciousness below.