Tuesday, May 2, 2017

LTBF: Little Tip for Big Families

We adhere to a pretty healthy food rules these days. That fact mixed with the prohibitive cost of eating out makes it a treat in our house. Not to mention the look of fear in the eyes of the staff when my big brood approaches the restaurant. No worries with this lot. We keep them busy. Electronic devices are not allowed to shine their false light into the presence of dinner. We beat boredom with these beauties below. Easy to pack and no batteries required. You remember coloring, don't you? Trust me. They work every time. Scrap paper, old receipts and note pads also come in handy. Suggestions: Draw the things you love, tic tac toe, or maths practice. The next time you're dining out with the family, don't get grouchy. Get grippy.