Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Key to Longevity & Dessert for Dinner

It is a fact that in today's harsh emotional climate almost half of all marriages don't work out. Has monogamy been so "tinderized" that we can only digest the easy bits of a relationship?

Let's explore a few adult options to relationship survival.

A new baby? Yep that's brilliant. Bring in a total stranger to resolve your issues with the person you know the most.

A vacation? Temporary fix. Those problems didn't fly first class and are waiting for you at home.

Therapy? Possible but expensive and honestly who has the time anymore?

After a few decades of romantic relationships I strongly suggest that the key to longevity is dessert for dinner and actions thereof. Those spontaneous things that pump life into love are key. See here an photographic example of a life lived deliciously in love. It's the greatest thing there is and luxurious desserts aren't far off. Combine the two and I'm pretty sure there's the answer to living a life filled with love.