Monday, May 1, 2017

Your Daily Dose of Danielle

There are those people in your life who are so eternally happy that their positive energy exudes from every word they speak. They have that rare ability to shine light on life even when things are bad. We need these people in our lives otherwise we'd be stuck in the doldrums.
I consider myself quite fortunate to have someone like this in my life. It's Danielle. She may not be aware that over the years, when I've been down, I go straight to her fb page where she posts some of the funniest and uplifting quotes like this one here:
"Is there such a thing as Cloud 10? I just landed there!"
Love it. I call them my Daily Danielle's. That bit of positive kick we all need in our day. Very excited to announce that we will now all have access to that positive push as I'll be sharing them with you right here.
Enjoy today's Daily Danielle below. Xx