Sunday, June 18, 2017

Get In the Flow. Period.

I am about 6 months postpartum. Babe is all smiles and all good. However, another little visitor has already arrived. This is the earliest I have ever had to get back into the flow but it's all good this fourth (yes...fourth) time around. I'm In The Flow. It is one of NZ's premiere distributors of the famed Lunette Cup, a reusable answer to your monthly visitor. No toxic chemicals, packaging and worry. The Lunette Cup from In The Flow will easily replace all those years of fumbling to find the solution to your period. The eco-friendly cup pays for itself in just a few uses and gives back to Mother Earth for a lifetime.

Female Fun Fact: a woman will use over 10,000 sanitary pads, napkins and tampons in her lifetime. 

You don't even want to know where they all end up...ok go on and google it. It's grossly fascinating. Pun intended. This stylish little device has forever changed my world. Easy to travel with, simple to clean and the peace of mind I get from not contributing to the ecological plight of the world is priceless. Join the #ecoluxury movement and get in the flow today. Period.