Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shop Up The Pop Up

Shopping has taken new form. The Pop Up. I remember visiting pockets of these in New York, Wellington, Austin and Vegas over the past 2 decades. There was a blog that I once followed that only covered NYC pop ups.  All the big & cool city kids were doing it. But times are a changin'... It is now THE way to shop. Shop Up the Pop Up. It's just smart. There is socializing to be done and deals to be made when you attend these events. Divine discounts are offered on luxe lines like my choice NZ brand of Courage My Love. Yes. That's me running. I do feel like I've got wings on when I wear legskins, too. Reality is, those aren't really my personal wings. The reality is also that people are seeking more discounts these days. The streamlined lifestyle is in and the pop up can get you amongst chic shopping with the best of them.
Shop smart.