Monday, January 1, 2018

ComPleat Black

I never really get out of black. Here's a glimpse of the monotone magic that ensues each time I step out. All black. My comfort zone from head to toe/finger (seen here) since days of yore. Is it a color or isn't it? Slimming? Funeral attire? So many boring questions about black. Just accept it. It's fabulous in any form any day. 

On the LBD: These oh so carefully pleated dreamy layers seen here are one of a kind by designer Dame Trelise Cooper and generously gifted to me this holiday season. Few do what Trelise does. These pleats are next level. True Story: I was once a young model who was cast to walk in a show where an unnamed designer had his perfectly pleated show garments insured separately. They are a serious artistic design element and I appreciate their existence so much so that I rang in the new year all pleated up.

Thank you, Dame Trelise for this beautiful black number and your version of the perfect pleats. I feel compleat for a new year.